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A Switch Needed For more Efficient Batik Enterprise

KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 (Bernama) — a “switch” is needed to shift batik small and medium enterprises from unsustainable management and production practices to more efficient and sustainable patterns of development, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah Embas said today. He said the SME industrial sector in general is characterised by less than efficient production methods, which can result in unnecessary resource and energy use, and large quantities of waste. “The efficiency and best practice gains inherent in large enterprises can often be offset by the mushrooming number of small but polluting SMEs, frequently with the support of strong consumer demand. “In Malaysia, 90 per cent of the companies are SMEs, and batik manufacturing in the country is a typical SME activity,” Uggah said at the launch of CBI, clean Batik Initiative, here. his speech was read out by the Director-General of the Department of Environment Datuk Rosnani Ibrahim.CBI is a three-year programme to educate 100 batik SMEs in Terengganu and Kelantan in production methods and in the disposal of waste in an environmentally responsible manner. “The training programme will utilise the help of local technical experts and trainers, and will take a hands-on approach to inculcate best practice production methods among the participants,” Uggah said. –BERNAMA




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MasterWan Batik

MasterWan Batik (MWB) adalah pengeluar/pengilang/pembekal Batik Asli di Lembah Klang dengan rekaciptanya yang unik. MWB sedia menerima tempahan baju kemeja, baju kurung dan sebagainya untuk kegunaan majlis rasmi, makan malam dan baju korporat serta menerima tempahan daripada butik-butik pakaian batik. Pihak MWB memerlukan pengedar/agen atau butik-butik pakaian yang berminat bagi memasarkan produk batik samada di Malaysia atau luar negara.

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